• Lessons
  • Riding

  • Training

  • Boarding

RIDING ($20 per hour, per horse)

Riding on our calm, beautiful quarter horses. 

2 individuals at a time, or 3 if experienced.

Riding in arena or 10 acre pastures.

18 years and under helmet required.

BOARDING (Limited - $250 per month)

Your horse treated as my own;

Stalled at night, turnout during day;

Farrier and vet extra



TRAINING: ($20 p/hr our facility, $30 at yours)

Assist individuals in training their own horse;

Help fixing problems or starting new or young;

Making an all around better equine partner.

LESSONS ($20 per hour, per horse)

Groundwork to make a more confident partnership;

Riding assistance to be a more balanced rider;

General horsemanship and horse keeping.

18 years and under helmet required.